Dear Mr Harper: Britain’s First Green Parliamentarian (Birlinn)

ISBN: 978 1 84158 934 3

Born in the far north of Scotland, Robin Harper was educated in London and Aberdeen. Following careers as a musician, actor and teacher, he became in 1999 the first British Green Party candidate elected to any parliament - Westminster, European or Scottish. He was the sole representative of the Green Party in Scotland’s Parliament until 2003, when his pioneering work ensured he was joined by another six Green parliamentarians.

This book tells his story, and this is how I came to it.

As a young foreign reporter my ambition was to become eventually an environment correspondent – but, by accident rather than design, I became a war correspondent. In India and Africa I managed to write about environment and wildlife issues whenever I got the chance, describing huge floods in the Zambezi, Ganges and Indus River valleys and encounters with lions, tigers, sloth bears, rhinos and elephants. However, everywhere I was posted as a youngster – to New Delhi, Beirut and Lusaka – war broke out within days. Those conflicts and their consequences preoccupied, and to some extent defined, me for decades.

Dear Mr Harper represents a real break from battlegrounds and mayhem. It is a foray into issues about the environment and the strange world of British politics. Robin Harper is a remarkable man with a remarkable story to tell. He is special because he put Green issues on the map across the political spectrum.

What made his story attractive to me was his deep commitment to his cause, his integrity, his sense of the ridiculous and the fact that he had a varied personal story that in many ways is more interesting than his political career.

Read the full story here. Robin.doc

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Katiza's Journey (Sidgwick & Jackson)

ISBN-13: 978-033372737

This acclaimed and controversial book is the story of Winnie Mandela’s so-called Mandela United Football Club, her notorious bodyguard, and the killings it carried out in Johannesburg’s Soweto township. The terrible murder of 14-year-old Stompie Moeketsi features strongly and is one of the books exclusive revelations.

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The War for Africa: 12 Months That Transformed a Continent
(Ashanti Publishing)

ISBN-13: 978-1874800125

This is the blow-by-blow account of the final battles in the important 23-year war for Angola between the Cuban and South African armies.

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Jonas Savimbi: A Key to Africa (Mainstream Publishing: ISBN-13: 978-0906391990 and paperback, Coronet Books: ISBN 0-340-42218-1)

This hugely controversial book told the story of the 23-year Angola civil war through the eyes of one of the guerilla movements. The book was sympathetic to Jonas Savimbi, but subsequently I exposed him as a mass murderer and was threatened with death by his lieutenants.

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dauntingly difficult task
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